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To schedule a private screening and assessment with one of our dedicated staff, call us to see how we can provide help to you or your loved ones.

MAT (Medication Assisted Treatment)

Medication assisted treatment (MAT) is the use of medications in combination with multiple types of therapies (behavioral, mood, substance, etc.) for the treatment of substance use disorders. If a person is addicted, medication allows him or her to regain a normal state of mind, free of drug-induced highs and lows. It frees the person from thinking all the time about the drug. It can reduce problems of withdrawal and craving. These changes can give the person the chance to focus on the lifestyle changes that lead back to healthy living. Taking medication for opioid addiction is like taking medication to control heart disease or diabetes. It is NOT the same as substituting one addictive drug for another. Used properly, the medication does NOT create a new addiction. It helps people manage their addiction so that the benefits of recovery can be maintained

Psychiatric Medication

Psychiatric medications influence the brain chemicals that regulate emotions and thought patterns. Psychiatric medications are more effective when used in conjunction with Mental Health therapy. At A New Day, psychiatric medications are used along with Mental Health therapy, in order to offer the best chance of recovery from mental health issues. Since Mental Health and Addiction prominently coexist within people, A New Day offers all of the services necessary to treat the whole person.

Individual Screening & Assessment

Assessment service involves the evaluation of an individual to determine the nature and extent of his/her abuse, misuse and/or addiction to alcohol and/or other drugs.  The therapist will consider a variety of factors including the client's mental health and social well-being. Clients will attend an BioPsychoSocial assessment session to determine an individualized treatment plan specific to their needs. If the need for other specialized assessments are necessary, A New Day will utilize those assessments resulting in accurate clinical recommendations.

Individual Therapy

Individual counseling for Addiction or Mental Health is the utilization of special skills to assist an individual in achieving treatment objectives. This is done through exploration of alcohol or other drug problems and/or addiction and Mental Health issues and their ramifications, including an examination of thoughts and feelings, consideration of alternative solutions and decision- making. EMDR Therapy is also offered in select locations.

(IOP) Intensive Outpatient Group Therapy

IOP is designed to let individuals continue living at home while attending treatment in an Outpatient Facility. This Group Therapy focuses on assisting individuals develop new ways of thinking and help them refrain from engaging in negative activities.  Clients learn tools to begin rebuilding their personal lives, as well as skills to build a foundation for long-term recovery.  Other areas of focus include: Identifying triggers and learning healthy ways to deal with them, improving decision making abilities, practicing effective communication, developing healthy relationships, coping with cravings, and accepting feedback from group members. IOP is for individuals who need support and structure in their recovery process. Guidance is provided through Masters level Therapists, as well as staff licensed in the State of Ohio, in a supportive environment.  IOP is not a program for those that require medically supervised detox.  Length of stay in any program is contingent upon the referral source’s requirements as well as a client’s progress in treatment; it is highly individualized based on each client’s specific needs. Intensive Outpatient clients must attend group therapy three days per week (three hour sessions each). IOP at A New Day is curriculum-based for consistency in treatment offered, providing each person attending with the same information and chance at recovery regardless of the group facilitator and location. All therapists are trained according to the standards required by the licensing body of the curriculum.

Group Therapy

Individualized groups are available in select locations, including CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), ROP (Relational Offender Program), and PPP Positive Parenting Program). More information on these programs is available upon request. 

Case Management/Peer Support

A New Day offers supportive services, such as Case Management and Peer Support for client's involved in other programming for added support often necessary during treatment. Peer support is strength-based support with lived experience for those who are recovered or working to become recovered from Alcohol and/or Drug addiction and/or Mental Health issues.

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